Don’t Buy the M1 Mac

Memory Compression.

The A14 chip for the iOS devices has accelerators for memory compression. This is partly why iOS devices can compete with android devices with significantly more RAM. Although not mentioned in the keynote, I think it is reasonable to assume that the M1 chip will also have memory compression accelerators since they are based on the same architecture. This means that M1 Macs may have better memory performance compared to Intel-based Macs. As a result, you may not need as much RAM. 8GB of ram may be sufficient?

Software Compatibility.

According to Apple, the M1 MacBook Air is 3.5x faster at CPU-based workloads; 5x faster at GPU-based workloads; and 9x faster at ML-based workloads. It is also more power-efficient allowing you to use the Mac for longer between charges. Benefits aside, there is an elephant in the room that we shouldn’t ignore, software compatibility.

“Cookie” as in “Web,” not as in “Milk”.

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